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Dec 5, 2013 6:00am EST
of product delivery that often ignore that law. we have the chief executive orks joins ustaw now on the inconvenient truth that some of these may face. what do you predict it may happen to these really interesting social experiences? >> specifically the ones tied to physical products? >> tied to physical products and they have to deal with the city, state, and federal regulation. >> tim talked about it earlier, but i think you will see over the next two or three years, you will see governments -- local, federal, international governments or non-u.s. governments, get involved in a coastal -- in a whole slew of technology related things. as it relates to businesses like uber, as they scale up you will have local cities trying to figure out how it relates to their existing franchises an existing fleets. .t will be very uneven i am saying generally government should stand back away from this le atse government's ro this stage, you can't actually discern what the new economy -- >> for example, do you predict the city of new york will stand shares uber takes market from limos and taxic
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
law. we will have several members on capitol hill and this is one of the questions they will have to answer. rollout, theo the website is operating better. they will make this point over and over. >> lawmakers actually have a deadline of their own to sign up for the affordable care act. how is that going? >> there is actually a different website. technically, they are members of a small business. that is the congress of the united states. they are operating off of the d.c. exchange. the deadline is december 23. december 9 is the deadline for members of congress understaffed to sign up for individual plans. they want to be forced to eat their own cooking. many are signing up. many are finding that they are having problems. they're also getting sticker shock themselves. the speaker of the house complained about his premium ebeling. >> to know what the deductibles will be for a senator from west virginia? >> i can tell you that john boehner selectable is going to be $1000. that has gone up. he is a 64-year-old smoker with a stressful job. ,f you are on a family plan also your age --
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
to the rule of law pt is the president of the consulates of foreign relations. ambassador, this moment has been a long time coming. what is the view forward? >> south africa was the beneficiary for two grateful things. first was the peaceful transition of apartheid to a new political system and his own willingness to live -- and to give up political power after one term as president. the problem has been since then, the challenge is institutionalizing them up or see, making it a viable economy. -- institutionalizing democracy, making it a viable economy. >> what could be a positive u.s. policy e we have paid lip service but is very tangible projection of washington to benefit south africa and the rest of the sub-saharan continent? >> absolutely. africa will grow south of the , five percent. i think the real possibility is with the growing trade to the u.s. market. we are beginning to see private investment, private equity, and other forms of investment going into south of the sahara. this is potentially one of the positive stories on the world , with the world economy. it is not get as muc
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3